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Cybersecurity Essentials for Non IT Professionals

Companies across the world struggle to protect their data due to a rise in cyber crime, hacking, lack of competence in handling sensitive data, therefore resulting in data breach which often costs such companies millions of US Dollars. Experts are in short supply to handle this daunting task of utmost importance.

We have put together a starter package to get you off the ground as you venture into and prepare for the world of work in cyber security. This course sets the foundation for your journey into the field, making considerations that you are not yet an expert in information technology (IT), and thus introduces you to relevant knowledge in IT to get you started.

Key assumptions we make;

  • You own or have access to a Laptop computer, a smart phone or table, or any device on which to access this course.
  • You hold basic knowledge in end user computing and can navigate your way through a computer.
  • You hold basic understanding on how to use the internet.
  • You hold basic knowledge working with online meeting platforms (Zoom preferably).
  • You have sufficient internet connectivity to connect and attend this course.

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