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Hit the ground running with a stunning look and feel of your company project. Give us a shot and keep coming back...

What We Offer

Where professionalism meets preparedness
Application Development

Boost your online presence with our Web & Mobile App Development.

Graphic Design

Give your company/school a unique company branding that speaks volumes.

IT Support

No more limits with how your IT equipment and services can be taken care of.

Training & Development

Customized training for individuals, groups and whole institutions.


The need to deliver value-for-money services while maintaining professionalism attests to the underlying reason for which we have maintained this record over the years. Our careful selection on project initiatives is done with a lot of consideration over what we collectively stand for; giving the client the best.

About Us

About Us

BroadSilicon is a professional IT company offering creative Web Design & Development, Data and Database Development and Management, and transforming the IT industry in today’s business environment. As a client-centered and success-driven ‘T-type’ company, we are driven by the need to meet deliver quality over price, while maintaining a confident client network.

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How we work?

Order BroadSilicon services for your entire project and watch us take care of the difficult and most challenging tasks your team is un-willing to, and in-capable of handling. We take care of your design, development, management, traning/onboarding, maintenance and continuous support as the need be.

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