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Everything we do for our clients is treated as a project. For every project initiative, we carefully conduct a structured need assessment to ascertain that we understand the client and their business. Below are guidelines on how we at BroadSilicon handle projects.

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What you should know

To BroadSilicon, a project is any initiative a client puts at our disposal and within the frame of our operations to take care of.

We focus on projects as you present your need. Projects are grouped into categories, hence the client needs to be specific in their request. Take a look at our services to better understand what projects we cover. For projects not within our scope (either in part or in full), we engage our partners to guarantee quality service.

Yes, If you are not yet a client with us, or do not have a project yet, you will need to create a project so that we can better understand your needs and requirements. If you would like to get started, click here to create a project.

NB: You do not need a separate account for every project you create. With a single account on our system, you can create as many projects as you want under various categories.

First-off, you will be required to create an account on our system (portal) through which to communicate your project ideas. Also, all your signing, communication, progress, payments, review and closing of projects are handled within your account for better tracking of your project.

Every project is assigned a Lead Project Manager and a project partner to ensure that communication is smooth and fruitful. You will send and receive in-app mails addressing your concerns during the course of your project. We strongly recommend that communication be highly project-focused so that we minimise misunderstanding along the way.

When we receive all required input, we review the project through meetings to ensure understanding across the board. You will then have to sign-off the project for development during which time, a realistic timeline must have been adopted across the board. Further details are prescribed in the project Agreement Terms.

Yes, you are free to terminate a project as prescribed in our Agreement Terms

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