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About Us

Who We Are

BroadSilicon is a South Africa based professional IT company with digital foot-prints in the USA, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia and Cameroon. Its key focus is to play active role in global innovation.

As a client-centered success-driven ‘T-type’ company, our goal is to match quality service with pricing that keeps clients coming back for more.

The IT industry is huge and requires high expertise to meet clients’ needs. While providing professional services, we keep our focus on success. We constantly source and engage professionals who fully understand the importance of client-satisfaction thereby enhancing the conversion and referral of clients and visitor.

❝ We are committed to giving you the best through team effort and professional consultancy. Try us and be sure to come to get the best. We put in the work and attention to make your project a success. ❞


Lead innovation through Information & Communications Technology.


We exist to;

  • Effectively service individuals, businesses and governments.
  • Promote investment and finance-related orientation.
  • Set the platform for creative exchange between experts and beginners.
  • Support organizations through empowerment fair and sustainable trading.
  • Train and equip people with the right skills for a challenging business world.
  • Promote businesses through efficient web development and data management.

Meet Our Team

With a fine mix of professional across different career paths, industries and races, we embody
a family of like-minded and self-motivated experts who are ready to deliver just the best.

Robyn Griffiths

Robyn Griffiths

Amelia Quintana

Amelia Quintana

Corbin Alvarez

Corbin Alvarez

Vivian Rosas

Vivian Rosas


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BroadSilicon is a South Africa based professional IT company with digital foot-prints in . . .

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